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Thread: Universal Cleaning Kit

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    Universal Cleaning Kit


    Can you help?

    I'm looking for a universal rifle cleaning kit...any suggestions and from where?


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    A twenty-two caliber rod with a bunch of attachments and a bore guide?? I have been shooting many decades and have found that in shooting, "universal" usually isn't. Accordingly, my cleaning box a mechanic's tool box loaded with patches, brushes, solvents, lubricants, jags, screwdrivers, handgun rods and specialty tools. The rifle- length rods are in a separate rack.~Muir

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    Like Muir (and pretty much everyone else I imagine), mine is a standard tool box filled with a range of things that have accumulated over the years to meet specific needs at the time. This is probably the most efficient way of doing it as you get exactly what you want without paying for things you don't. If you want recommendations for what type of things to get, I am sure we can give plenty of suggestions.

    However, if you really want to get everything at once then I can recommend the Tipton Range Box with Ultimate Rifle and Pistol Cleaning Kit from Midway ( Midwayuk - Tipton Range Box with Ultimate Rifle, Pistol Cleaning Kit (No Solvents) ). I was part of a group that contributed towards buying one for someone as a present and although I didn't choose it, I thought it was pretty good (although a lot of money) when I had a look at it. It needs to be supplemented with appropriate cleaning and oiling solutions (I would recommend Wipe-Out foam but there are many other opinions) bore guide(s), turn screws and allen keys, and I would think about one piece rods for when portability is not an issue, but it is a comprehensive start.


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    I have the Tipton jag box, (12 going from .17 through .45 cal) allied with a carbon fibre .17 rod & the same rod in .22 cal, all rifles / cals are cleaned using .17 patches or multiples of, along with Wipeout foam/patch out/ accelerator, & a pack of aluminium wired plastic bristle brushes, add a few clean rags, & the Tipton chamber mops / breech cleaners. sorted. Just recently been gifted by a member of this site of a .45 cal Tipton carbon rod too!
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