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Thread: Tikka M595/695 Replacement Bottom Metal.

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    Tikka M595/695 Replacement Bottom Metal.

    As mentioned in an earlier thread, I contacted UKgunworks about producing a replacement unit for the above rifles. I have been advised that the cost will be circa 185-195 each, and that I will need to come up with a list of 15 people to make the production costs viable. They are also hoping to locate a better quality magazine to replace the original.

    I haven't had any dealings with them previously, so any feedback would be useful. Let me know if you are potentially interested.
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    PM, replied on the subject, as to experience with UK Gunworks, I have had a pair of replacement action screws from them, which were/are superb. If they come up with a replacement magazine for the 595 & 695... I would be a definite Taker.

    Well Done for the efforts so far.


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    Is there a problem with the original magazines? I have two 3 round mags and a 6 round mag for my 595 and have never had any problems with any of them. A couple of higher capacity say ten round mags would be nice though for use when target shooting in certain events. I notice that Howa will be introducing high capacity detachable magazines soon and wonder if these could form the basis for conversion???

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    If it would fit the M690 and was of good quality I'd be interested.

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    Depending on the quality and the price, I would be interested, also would they be 3 or 5 shot.

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    Thanks for the replies. I'll try and find out a bit more about the mags tomorrow.

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    UKgunworks are at the CLA game fair - stand V1246. I'll have a chat to them and put a post up about the magazines, and whether the bottom metal would also fit the M590/690 series.
    It looks like they already do quite a few replacement items for the T3, bolt shrouds and handles, bottom metal etc.

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    Very interesting.
    I have a 595 project brewing.
    A decent mag system would be a real bonus.

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    I'd be interested, but only if the replacement bottom metal used the original factory magazines.

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