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Thread: Obsessed With Guns

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    Obsessed With Guns

    Collector Obsessed With Guns How the hell . Go to this is exeter Collector obsessed with guns

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    "He had lied to borrow other people's certificates then made copies which he pretended were genuine when he bought guns."

    So who 'lent' their certificates to him then?

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    Is it just me, or does this article seem oddly worded?

    Am I right in thinking this bloke doesn't have an FAC for any guns and has forged other FAC's in order to buy them? If so, I can't see how he can be described as a "collector". A burgler who stole, for example, silver candle sticks wouldn't be described as a collector of candle sticks, he'd be described as a burglar, because that's what he is.

    If I've interpreted this article correctly, this bloke is a criminal who has illegally obtained guns he has no right to possess, the same as if he'd broken into someone's house and crowbarred their cabinet open.


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    I can't understand why he only got 2years 8months probably only serve half of it!!
    But suppose in the long run it will be all of us who will suffer in the long run.

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    +1 on that - who on earth would not be put immediately on alert by someone wanting to borrow their certificates? Who would lend them? Surely, the investigation into this matter would be asking them some hard questions? What sort of person would be selling this idiot guns based on copied certificates?

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    He probably didnt when mine was up for renewal i was told to rip it up and throw my old certificate in the bin
    any one with a good scanner could easily rectify this problem if he had a friend in the rubbish collection business even inside a shredding company quite easy to obtain when you think about it

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    I thought all FACs were now 'security coded'? When you try and take a photocopy they show 'FAKE' or similar because of the wavy lines in the background. Maybe he doctored someones genuine expired one?

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