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Thread: Leupold VX3 6.5-20x40 Long Range Varmint Reticule boxed/paper etc as new

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    Leupold VX3 6.5-20x40 Long Range Varmint Reticule boxed/paper etc as new

    I am considering selling my variable Leupold and getting a fixed x56 objective one.

    Its boxed, all paperwork, cleaning cloth, clean, crimp,ding,scratch free, been very well looked after. had front and rear butler creeks in place since new.
    Varmint reticule is excellent for taking those faster, longer shots where turret twiddling is not an option!
    been on my HMR and now on my 243 (nothing wrong with it on an HMR I just wasnt using it!)

    these are close to 900 new

    looking for 525 plus postage (GPO Special delivery)

    updated with pics.
    package includes:
    Box with original packing, Warranty card, Owners Manual, Screw on Sunshade, Leupold cleaning cloth, Leupold sticker, Front and rear Butler creek flip up lens covers (no cracks!), scope.

    original purchase made by me, lifetime warranty all complete and product registered by me at initial point of sale

    any questions please ask
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_4181.jpg   IMG_4182.jpg   IMG_4183.jpg   IMG_4184.jpg   IMG_4185.jpg  

    IMG_4186.jpg   IMG_4187.jpg   IMG_4189.jpg   IMG_4190.jpg  
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    Hi Mate
    How old is the scope please.


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    him its is around 2 years old.
    been out of the cabinet less than 10 times in total.
    had it on my HMR but I rarely use it


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    475 posted for a quick sale!

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    hi i have a swaroski 8 by 50 fixed power would you be interested

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    is this still available?

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    sorry for the delay in updating this, I have been away.

    This scope is no longer for sale. too much of a jump from variable and fine reticule to fixed and 4A.

    now currently resides on my 243 where I suspect it will stay unless it is a real problem in low light

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    when you say too much of a jump, do you mean in cost or do you mean its a jump in shooting style? Just curious. Also interested so let me know if you change your mind!

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