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Thread: Auto Clay Trap

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    Auto Clay Trap

    I am thinking of getting an auto clay trap for personal use only with the view to getting my eye in before the start of the game season, I see on ebay an auto trap for around 350.
    Has anyone on the forum owned or used one of these traps. I am sure they wont be as good as bowman etc but they may be good enough for light use, I would appreciate your views.
    Cheers Geoff

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    Dont know the particular trap you are referring too, but there are plenty good auto traps around.

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    Hi geoff

    i have supplied a few of the bowman traps now and have never had a problem with them .
    I could get one delivered straight to your door .

    You could also look at the laporte traps but these are more designed to be used in a comercial enviroment .And are quite a bit more exspensive


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    Get in touch with Promatic and see if they have any second hand ones in. Quality traps at the right money.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    I bought a harrier fully automatic from Ian at promatic at the midland game fair just to keep my eye in but the novelty soon wears off

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