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    calibris caller

    has anybody got any experience with the calibris mini caller, just wondering how you find them for volume, battery life and off course getting the fox into your cross hairs.


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    Do you mean the Mini-Colibri? I have an early one, with a small rotary switch as opposed to a push button and digital display. I do use it when out for foxes but so far I am not too sure if they responded more to that than calls like the WAM etc.

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    yes john thats the one, i thinik they used to be call master. i suppose like any electronic calller the foxes will only come to the call if they feel like it. we were out on sat night and a friend uses a lock-vogel caller which usually brings the foxes in, we watched one at about 300m over a river in a cut wood, it wasnt interested in the lock-vogel but a handheld hare call brought him down to the rivers edge at 100m, the rest is history, i personally think you need a pocket full of calls

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    You will only find one like mine second hand, but there is a new version which can run a call sequence etc. I think someone on here sells them too.

    I don't think it is bad, seems loud to me and the PP3 battery lasts OK. However I seldom just use that, as I swap back and forth from electronic to old fashioned, and therefore I am not sure if the Mini Colibri has ever actually been the key. I do know if I forget my WAM etc. my confidence sinks.

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