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    Deer Keds

    Just for information, Are Keds related to ticks in any way. The roe in my area very seldom have ticks but occasionally have keds. I had a deer hanging in the chiller at 3c. for two weeks and a ked fell off when I was skinning the deer. It was still alive but very sluggish. It didn't move after I trod on it.

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    I thought a ked (reddish thing with a flat body?) was a tick beofre it was full of blood?

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    Deer Keds (Lipoptena cervi) no relative of the tick. Keds have 6 legs, ticks (Ixodes ricinus) have 8. Keds tend to be flattish, ticks in adult stage swell up nicely when full of blood. Both feed on blood. Keds will occasionally bite humans ticks definitely do.
    Life history of Keds: Adults mate on deer and the egg hatches and goes through 3 stages inside the female then born drops off deer and pupates develops hatches and flies to a deer where it casts it's wings and lives on the host mating and producing about 10 young during it's life time.
    Don't seem to do much damage to deer but can carry a Bacteria called Bartonella which is related to a bug causing cat scratch fever. CSF occurs in this country and Bartonellosis occurs in Finland (I only know the later as a friend was married to Finn) . Both these diseases occur in humans and once again GPs don't have a clue.

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