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Thread: Zeiss range finding bins 10 x 45

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    Zeiss range finding bins 10 x 45


    I'm selling my Zeiss range finding bins 10 x 45 and they are just like brand new ones.

    Reason for selling them is I'm just not using them anymore so i think they have to go.

    here is a nice link to let you know what you are getting

    ZEISS Range finders Meeting the Standards of Serious Hunters. Sometimes it is not enough to see your game clearly. Sometimes, for one shot that makes the whole hunt more memorable, you need to know the exact range to your target and how bullet drop is going to effect your placement.

    What you then need are binoculars with maximum contrast and clarity, which also provide you with the exact distance to your target and holdover information based on the trajectory of your load. Discover the new Victory RF Binoculars: the world’s first binoculars with integrated laser range finder, premium ZEISS optics, and a sophisticated Ballistic Information System.

    and a bit more info here

    they are now £2000 to buy new so save yourself a few quid and you could buy mine for
    £1500 including post and packaging.


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    yes m8 they still are for sale


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    Hi they are sold subject to the usual


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