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Thread: Anyone been to Republic of Croatia with Artimis?

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    Anyone been to Republic of Croatia with Artimis?

    Looking to book onto a trip early November, can anyone advise?

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    I have not being with Artimis to Croatia but have shot there for 5 out of the last 6 years.It is a great country to hunting and the people are some of the best once you get to know them though they do come across as reseved at first.
    Eddie mc will be along soon know doubt as i am sure he has hunted with tommo.

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    Cheers Bob, you cant be far from me in NE Cumbria, please PM if you hear of any group heading out in November and need a gun or two.

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    Hi Tim, Like a bad penny, I always turn up particularly when driven boar is mentioned
    Yes I have been with Tommo and a few others too.
    Of all the ones I have been with I can recommend Tommo Svetic of Artemis-Hunting or Frank Ille of Basswood.
    Of the two Frank has a clearer payment method, he charges a deposit on booking and the balance about six weeks before the trip date.
    Tommo has a system where you pay a deposit on booking and the balance the second day of the trip, which means you have to carry money with you.
    With both agents, once you have paid for your trip, you need no more money except for drinks at the Lodge and that is usually a shared event and is normally about 25 all in, so if you shoot a trophy Boar, it is yours at no extra cost.
    Both agents use the same geographic area of Croatia and that is mostly mountainous.
    The areas used by both agents are well known for wild Boar but they do not always play our game.
    If you only go once and are not in a 'hot seat' you will come away with a bad story to tell but that is the difference between pheasant shooting and driven Boar.
    The beaters work extremely hard to put the boar in front of the guns but if you fidget or cough the chances are they will run past your quiet neighbour.
    Regardless of how many you shoot, the stillnes of the Forest suddenly being interupted by the barking dogs in the distance getting ever nearer and the booms of the other guns in the distance are all part of the real enjoyment of Driven Boar.
    I believe Frank has a vacancy for his first November trip, he only takes a certain number of guns on each trip, Tommo may have room because he takes larger numbers on his trips so will probably be able to fit you in.
    I am going November, December and January, as I do every year, so may meet you one day.
    Good luck with whoever you go with, I am sure once tried, almost certain you will get hooked.
    PM me if you want to know anything else.
    Eddy McC
    PS I forgot to mention, with either agent, you'll put on two stone in weight from the grub served at table, both in the Forest and in the Lodge.
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    I have been to Croatia with Tommo also. It was pretty good, I had a few shots, and knocked over a couple of boar, which is as much as you can hope for. I think everyone in our party at least got to shoot, which is not always the case.

    The travelling from Ireland was tough, two flights and a lot of waiting time, I could have practically done South Africa in the same travelling time.

    The boar were big and agressive, I hit one hard with a 30/06 at close range and it travelled on and was not found when I was there.

    I think there is an optimum number for each party, maybe 15-20 guns. Fewer than 15 and the guns are very spread out around the forest and the gaps are big for the pigs to break through. More than 20 guns and you start to be placed quite close together, which is not ideal either.

    It is a great trip and experience. I intend to get somewhere this year.

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    Hi there, Croatia is great, we liked it when we were there and had great hunting!!

    I live in Bulgaria and the hunting here is first class as well.

    I will be placing an ad in the classifides section later today so please keep an eye out for us.

    Food and beer in Bulgaria is very cheap also (45p a pint in our village) and we can offer driven wild boar with no trophy price.

    Regards, Simon

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    I have been to Croatia the last three years on the trot with Artemis, first year shot two, second year brought my own gun but no shot, but the guys tried very hard and almost all the group got shots, third year brought own gun again and shot 7 including a fair sized keiler, I'm going to Hungary this November again with Tomo and I have also been Chamois hunting in Slovenia with Artemis, I can't recommend him highly enough but I will say there are no guarantees with any truly wild hunts, we had to work very hard for some of our shots but Tomo was very up front about the level of difficulty and fitness needed,a very well organised operation.

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    Hi Tim,
    Did you get sorted for a trip in November?
    Bryan Nelson of Sporting Agent is getting a trip together for 17th to 21st November to Croatia, he has an advertising banner on this site.
    I have not been with him before but booked with him to try somewhere different this year.
    I Have booked with Frank in December but his, and Tommo of Artemis, use areas usually in the mountainous areas of the North near the Hungarian border.
    Bryan is using an area near the Bosnian border. I did a trip with Tommo once where we used two areas and after a night drive we ended up in an area near the Bosnian border so it could be that Bryan is using the same area.
    I am looking forward to November as that is the start of my winter trips.
    The price is slightly higher this year so am only doing three, one in November, December and January, but the adrenalin rush will last me right through the winter, probably until Spring

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    Sounds fantastic and if I am reading the price list correctly, very reasonable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    Sounds fantastic and if I am reading the price list correctly, very reasonable!
    Very reasonable indeed I can just about manage it without selling the wife, car and house

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