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Thread: Thank you Patrick Croft Gunmakers

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    Thank you Patrick Croft Gunmakers

    Just spent 24 hours with Patrick for Roe Cull Buck Stalking. I dont get much opportunity for Roe Buck Stalking as my main activity is Fallow and Roe Doe culling on a West Sussex Estate. However, the lure of roe buck stalking is irrestisable, and following a couple of recommends on this site I contacted Patrick for an evening and morning outing.

    I'd have to mention that upon arrival I was welcomed, almost, as one of the Family and made to feel comfortable and shown the Log Cabin overnight accommodation, which is very adequate for a short term stay by a Stalker(s).

    The evening outing consisted of a look at the land and a short stalk on a cull buck, which did not want to play the game, and departed post haste into the wood without looking left , right or backwards.

    Retracing our steps, we came across, saw a doe with fawn, another doe legging it along a hedge line. All very encouraging.

    The next field on, we saw a cull buck that also eluded us, and then looking back from where we had started we spotted a Trophy Buck ( Out of my Budget) but good to see.

    We then elected to sit in a Ladder Seat in the hope that the Cull Buck would come out of the Wood. No luck on that either!

    Leaving the Ladder Seat and walking back to the Vehicle, Patrick spotted a fox and offered me the chance to spoil its day... Taken!

    Retracing out steps on the downwind side of the wheat field, Patrick spotted another Cull Buck, but I declined to attempt a shot as the light was fading fast by this time, and I would rather leave it for another day than make a mess of it.

    All rather cautious, but not for lack of opportunity.

    This morning, we were away at 04:20 to another of Patricks management areas, but we were denied any chance by the mist, so Patrick decided to drive a few more miles to lower ground, in fact the same Farm as the previous evening.

    We parked up shy of the anticipated area, and stalked in. First up.. a mature Roe Doe who really didn't know what was going on, but declined to stay and find out!

    Stalked on further and saw a couple of Roe Does, but NO Bucks. All very frustrating, but whats new about that ?

    At about 07:15 Patrick spotted a Roe Buck in the very centre of a wheat field some 220 yds from us. Hey; this is new to me, being normally a Woodland Stalker, and Patrick led the way crawling through the tramlines to a point some 100 metres from the Buck, and set me up for a safe shot "off sticks". Bang FLOP. Job Done, an older Buck, "gone back" , nothing special in itself, but an exciting stalk.

    Now, after having recovered the Beast, Patrick offered to show me some of the rest of the ground, driving around the headlands. Nothing seen.... until the most spectacular and unusual surprise... a Courting Couple, all pink in the morning sunshine.

    Anyway, good effort by all concerned, and I don't believe that Patrick arranges similar entertainments for all his Clients, but you never know!

    I can heartily recommend Patricks knowledge, ability, and genuine 100% effort to fulfil whatever it is that any Individual is looking for out of the experience, and for that I am grateful.

    I am not usually quite so fulsome in my praise, Patrick... Thank You.


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    Any pics of the "happy" couple?
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Really glad you enjoyed yourself P and thanks for positive comments. I've been stalking every morning this week but it seems to be only the roe rut going - no energetic early monring couples and sorry harry mac no pictures but I am bringing my camera stalking from now on!

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