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Thread: Herefordshire bucks

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    Herefordshire bucks

    Went last Monday to check a trail cam I had left out to overlook a corner of an orchard where some slots had been seen right by the newly planted orchard.
    Got camera ready to be checked when i got home.
    Made my way around the main wood and decided to head for a clover field right in the middle of the farm. All consevation headlands around the wheat fields. Got to the main 'track' which headed up t the clover field and noticed something had been browsing under the hawthorn hedge all the way up to the gate to the clover field. Got to within a couple of yards from the gate and looked to my right just as this shape popped up from the wheat about 40m away looking away from me.
    Bins up and a nice little buck was not looking my way. Game on. Up with the sticks and placed the crosshair right at the base of skull. the 30-06 rang out and the buck went down. Made ready for the follow up and as i got to him and confirmed he was dead a doe jumped up out of the wheat no more than 5ft away from myself and the buck..
    She bounded off across the wheat to stop 70m away to have one final look befors heading off to the corner.
    A nice little cull buck

    Got him sorted out and into the sack ready for the slog back. A happy landowner as one less to damage the apple investment. 41lbs larder weight

    The next day I got a text from another landowner who once again has planted a fresh orchard. It's only a small patch which is only shootable from a highseat. Bandit Country came along tonight as he was busy the previous night. So we comfy for the wait.

    We had been there about an hour when we heard something coming down the wood behind us. Then a doe came right under the high seat as this is where they are now using to come into the orchard.
    She stopped on the wood side of the ditch and looked straight up at the highseat, saw BC and made her way back into teh wood. By now there are 2 does in the wood. A bark came back and you could hear them in the wood, after about 10mins one decided to come out about 40m donw the ditch into the sadly she didn't stay long and they were not joined by a yearling buck which I know is there.

    Saturday evening came and I put BC into the highseat again to keep watch over the orchard while I went up the road to another permission that I had picked up a few months ago for fox control. Do you shoot deer as well as I have some making a mess in some a regen wood. Yes i say. Another bit of ground sorted.
    It's only a small wood but there is a lot of evidence of thrashing and browsing so I new tehy were around. So I set up the sticks with my back to a small spinney overlooking the small wood, I was positioned half way along one side so had about 100m one way and 180m another way going into a small patch of cover crops. Had been waiting for about an hour and by this time the wind had got up and the temp had dropped a lot. Bad news I thought as they might not come out if it was this cold this side. I was thinking about moving to another spot when I thought I would give it another 5mins and then a doe came out of the wood right in front of me 60m away. She headed left and made her way to and old muck heap and started browsing on the weeds on top of it.

    Sorry about the quality of the pic

    She was happy as she ate but kept looking back towards where she had come out so I thought there must be something else in the wood somewhere. I kept on looking up and down and kept and eye on her and she was always keeping an eye on the wood.
    Then as I turned and looked to the right another deer had come out about 100m away.Bins up and he was a good buck around 20m out of the wood on the clover margins around the outside of the rye grass.
    Rifle on sticks already so slowy pivoted around and cross hairs on his vital area, once again the 30-06 barked and he dropped on the spot. Reloaded and covered him but he didn't move. The doe was still to my left lokking at what had happened, puzzled she barked and off around the corner of the wood.
    Made my way down wind of the buck and rifle ready just in case but it wasn't needed. He was dead where he had dropped. On initial inspection the shot was a little forward and a little high but the exit was a high lung one. He was at a slight angle which I had not accounted for. The bullet had clipped the bottom of the spine and deflected down slightly so demolishing both lungs.

    Another nice Hereford buck.

    He went 45lbs larder weight. In really good nic with a nice amount of fat around the kindeys, rump and flanks.

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    Outstanding outing fella and a cracking shaped heed.

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    Hi Jon
    Nice buck nice to see some good bucks in Herefordshire. He looks better in the big photo than on the one you sent me on the phone.


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    nice, that second buck looks in good nick

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    hi jon good account of a couple productive stalks good buck the second one
    nice to see all that training from the ninja is paying off
    far better than all that level one and two stuff
    say hello to BANDIT COUNTRY for me .
    regards pete .

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    You're going to have buy yourself another freezer at this rate mate!!

    2 bucks and a new dollop of permission? The Gods are smiling on you at the moment....have you bought a EuroMillions ticket for tonight???
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

    "...Nicely just doesn't cut the cheese....." A new twist on management-speak courtesy of a colleague.

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    Well done on a nice couple of bucks and a new bit of permission. The second buck has a real nice head which is a bonus.


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    Nice read fella,and the big boy has a nice rack on him.

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    Hi Jono

    Dom told me about the big buck today when we were at Paul's range, he certainly looks a cracking fella, well done mate.

    Looking forward to seeing you & Chris at Catton Sunday.


    Life should be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving skidding in sideways, Merlot in one hand, Cigar in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!

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    Two lovely bucks and what a cracking 2nd head. Great work fella !!

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