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Thread: Munty Stalking

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    Munty Stalking

    Munty stalking available again this weekend and poss week days as well.
    Well done to all on march and shoot big well done to the Knome for excellent performance (222Cwd) what he needed was a pig chasing him to up his time.

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    dunno about a pig chasing him, they were good at avoiding him last time I saw him
    Fit little bugger isn't he. I'm not going stalking anywhere with him other than on very flat ground.

    Leave some of them Munties for me


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    No worries i,ve got one tied up and waitin rod and line springs to mind.

    Yep even the Reds worry when they see him comin up the hill, he is as fit as a butchers dog.

    When you free give us a bell.

    Mark/Duncan (the only gay in the village!!)

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    Hi Chinky
    I'am very interested just need to know

    How much?

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