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Thread: roe rings

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    roe rings

    hi being new to this,walking though a small wood where i shoot a few rabbitts i noticed a ring of cleared dirt round the base of a tree the dirt was scraped back about a foot all round the tree and there was a chewed piece of bark on the tree as tho it could have been rubbed with the antlers,this was near where i saw a buck last week, the same day i found this i saw a doe with twins in an adjoining field

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    Sqig ring

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    A "Sqig ring" could well be a squirrel ring in Scots.
    A roe ring is what the roe doe leads the buck around when testing him prior to the rut. Last week I watched a doe circling a largish tree with a buck in full chase behind. They will use it frequently through the rut and soon produce a "ring" in the grass or vegetation around the chosen object.

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    I dont know Keith , but thats not rain on your back . Roe rings are bigger than that , made by bucks chasing does and id say its a bit early for that yet

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    Roe ring....

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    Christ thats called a bike track up here....

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    HA HA Thats a badger trac remmy put a proper roe ring up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by apollo View Post
    Christ thats called a bike track up here....

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    This is like the ones i see every now and then.

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