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Thread: RCBS clear out..

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    RCBS clear out..

    Gents I'm making some room after changing course on my reloading aspirations! Therefore I have the following available none of which have ever been used:

    RCBS Chargemaster 1500 Combo (American model so requires a 12 adapter from Maplin/other) - 310posted. Boxed

    RSBS Uniflow powder measure - 65 posted - Boxed (SOLD TO MAUSER243 PENDING THE USUAL)

    RCBS 505 Reloading Scales - 75 posted - Boxed (SOLD TO VENISON16 PENDING THE USUAL)

    Black Cabelas Bino Harness with QR clips - 12 posted. (I never got round to fitting this but am now happy with the strap on my new binos.) (SOLD PENDING THE USUAL)

    A good friend is reloading for me as I only need a few rounds now that we have some worked up loads good to go, hence the fact the kit has never been used. I've looked briefly at new prices and dropped a bit so hope they are reasonable. Pick up (Dorset) for the Chargemaster would be ideal given the nature of it but I will do my best to protect it if posting is required on top of it's original packaging. Hope this helps someone.


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    hi, which bino harness is it?
    this one: Cabela's - System Error

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    can i take the scales please

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    Hi, I will take the binocular harness please...Thanks...PM sent

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    Chargemaster and Uniflow powder measure still available if anyone is interested?

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    Does the powder measure come with a stand?

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    how do i pay cheers

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    No stand and I'm afraid Mauser243 has pipped you.



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