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Thread: No bucks showed but lots to watch

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    No bucks showed but lots to watch

    Spent an enjoyable evening yesterday sitting for a Roe buck for the freezer.
    None showed but I did get to watch seven Fallow does, three Roe does one with twins and one suckling a single kid.

    It was better than shooting any buck by a long way and im glad I took the camera.
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    deer1.jpg   deer7.jpg   deer13.jpg  

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    Great pictures Cockerdog.
    I bet you wanted the light to last longer with all that wonderfull wildlife to see. Hope you've got plenty of ammo made up ready for November 1st.
    By the way, Have you christened the new high seat yet ? Or will I still have to do it for you
    Keep the pictures coming.

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    Oh hardy ha, ive never had a problem cracking the cherry of anything

    And yes there is a high population of Fallow so roll on the 1st November, im just hoping that the bucks pull in to all the does that are there for the rut and dont lead them away.

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    Great pics cockerdog and good luck for November!

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