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Thread: lightforce 170 replacement lens

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    lightforce 170 replacement lens

    Anyone know if you can get replacements. my lamp was accidently switched on when face down in the back of the car. The lens is now a mess that looks like a mixture of bubblegum and carpet and the car stinks ( well stinks of something different). I have thought about chopping the lens out ansd using a clip on filter but if you can replace the lens I will.
    lucky the car didnt go up in smoke to be honest.

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    Hi Pete you need to buy the housing mate RUAG AMMOTEC UK are the importers and may be worth flying an email of to or you can get the housing from Lightforce 170 Reflector Housing : Lightforce Spares | Solway Feeders
    62.50 though may be cheaper to get a new light. as for cutting the lense of this will make the light loose a lot of the beam.

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    Buy a new one and keep your old one as a spare?

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    will probs end up doing this. crops going to be coming in and i will need a lamp

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    Suggest you look at the new Deben Sport Light, it's a copy of the Lightforce with the problems sorted. I got one when I have to confess I did exactly the same as you. Couldn't work out where the stink was coming from. Fortunatey, I saved mine from total destruction. I find the Sport Light very good indeed.

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    Pete, I've just bought a 240 lens for my roof lamp, so have a 170 lens spare.

    I was going to keep it as a spare lens but can let it go if you need one.

    Drop me a PM and we can talk about it.

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    Have a look on ebay, theses usually one second hand on there, Ive had a couple nicked off the truck in the last couple of years and I bet they ended up on there

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