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Thread: 13 hours from positioning to first bloods

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    13 hours from positioning to first bloods

    A few weeks ago while walking the dogs I spotted a buck lying in the sun in the far corner of the clearfell. Seemed a tall head but thin antlers. There are a few deer working the area, mainly does and yearlings. I was asked to target this area to take out some deer. Due to wind direction access is difficult. It is the same area referred to in my recent post on freestanding placements. Having built Gazza's highseat I decided to build another to try out in this corner. Initially I put it up in the access ride but long ladders are needed to brash back branches otherwise area is too restricted. Having located a tree best suited to the wind factor I went down yesterday at 3.00pm to insert the seat. Having left the ground after five last night I thought a couple of days to let the ground settle but my enthusiasm got the better of me so 3.00am I was off. I climbed in at first light. around four the barking started and I was able through sound to track the deer round the top corner. About 4.30 a doe worked her way through the centre of the clearfell. Unfortunately ther was insufficient light to let me get a clear picture. Over the next hour the sun rose but no further deer showed. Watching the doe I was surprised just how much she got disturbed when the carrion crows were crating over the wood. About six I was ready to wander on. but as a final jesture I gave three loud peeps on the Balluto. Much to my surprise the buck appeared where I saw him sunning himself previously. he glared in my direction then turned broadside as if to say I dare you. I did. That is why he now hangs in my larder under 13 hour in to first victim.
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    well done, looks to have a good bit of weight to him

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    looks like a nice deer matey! Well done and was good to read.. im itching to get out stalking!

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    Not scaled him yet but he is a couple of years past his best going by his coat. You can see a lot of grey in there. That said good condition on the meat, he was laying down fat for the rut. When I peeped he appeared so must have been laying up in the corner (picture three) He did not come out of the mature trees. Jim

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    Well done Jim. You have put a lot of work in and thoroughly deserve a good buck or two.

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