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Thread: Sako Vixen / L461 / Tikka M590 for .222 project

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    Sako Vixen / L461 for .222 project

    Looking for a short action .222, preferably a Sako Vixen / L461 sporter weight in good nick or ok for a rebarrel, as after helping a mate out with his I've got the bug for this little cartridge again . Will probably need to let my lovely old Brno Hornet go, which is a shame as she's a tack-driver and reloader's dream, but can't shift the wanderlust bug to go back to the Sako Vixen .222 of my youth.

    If anyone comes across an old short action Sako .222 - ideally with a decent barrel, but happy to rebarrel a knackered one - then please give me a shout . 20 finders' fee to H4H if I can find one.

    Thanks for reading.
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    sako 222 s491 gilan sports
    hope this helps

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    Thanks Gundog, but not what I'm looking for. Keeping an eye on g##trader, but nothing just now. Cheers.

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    Got a feeling Steve Beaty had one. Try him on 01458 447120.

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    Thanks Chopper. Ivythorn just has an A1 heavy varmint. Cheers though.

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