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Thread: Tikka M590 .222 action length

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    Tikka M590 .222 action length

    Can anyone remind me whether the old M590 Tikka in .222 is a short action perfectly sized for .222 Remington like the Sako Vixen / L461? It's been so long since I've picked one up I can't remember. Or is it the same action length as a Tikka 590 in .243 / .308 i.e. slightly longer than the Vixen? Just keen on moving back to a .222 and looking for a project rifle.
    ATB and thanks.

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    If you are after a trim rifle, you are better off looking for a Sako in a .222/.223 action size
    (Vixen - L461).

    It's not so much the length of an action as its' scale that bothers me. The Sako-I action is designed to fit the .222/.223/.222 Rem Mag only, but all the Tikka actions come in (either) Medium (.243) or Long (.30/06) only. These are M55/M558/M590/M95 or the long M65/M658/M690/M695. All the T3's are .30/06 length only - frigged down.

    I've never seen or heard of a Sako lefthand action for the small cartridges, and I'm pretty sure that none were ever made There are plenty around in righthand form.

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