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Thread: Black Shadow gun coating offered by GLobal Rifles

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    Black Shadow gun coating offered by GLobal Rifles

    I want to finish off an old Remington rebuilt with a nice coating for the hills

    Had brief experience with duracoat. It's OK until it comes off after a fall then I have to re-coat the whole barrel. Cost me a fortune.

    Met Global rifles at the last Bisley meeting and they have something call BLACK SHADOW gun coating. He wouldn't say what exactly it is but it sure looks tough and durable.

    I am tempted to give it a go.

    Anybody have experience with Global rifles and this coating ?

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    I had a rifle coated by them a few years ago, I wasn't impressed.

    It came back looking nice, but the bolt and crevices were full of blasting media (grit) and the coating wore off quickly.

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    If your rifle was duracoated I doubt very much a fall would make it come off. Cerakote the metal work Duracote the rest. Get Jager SA to do it, it won't come off!

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    Global rifles


    What a history global rifle, thanks for the lead boys.

    Just wondering how do they survive with all these **** floating on the Internet ?

    I will try ceracoate as suggested.

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