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Thread: Hi from Cheshire

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    Hi from Cheshire

    Hi all been reading this site as a guest for a bit now.Learning quite a lot
    and have taken the plunge and booked to go stalking in Feb
    would have loved to go sooner but it takes a bit to build up the
    brownie points plus had to fit it around work.
    Originally born raised in South Yorkshire i was seduced by the dark
    side and tempted over the hill by a buxom fair maiden

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    Good to have you on board Dave.

    As you have been reading the site for a while you will know to ask anything you like.

    Good luck in Feb, and let us know how you get on.


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    Hi dave, from a very wet !! lancs
    Welcome to an excellent site,
    your not alone in fall foul of the tempting fair maidens and needing to build the brownie points bank, which Iím sure you will know by now is never full enough,
    Hope you Feb trip is good let us know how you get on


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    Hi Dave,Welcome, know how you feel about the brownie points,if you've got any use them up quick - they have a very short shelf life!


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    Welcome aboard

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    Thanks for the welcome lads will let you all know how
    i get on in Feb

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    Hi from Cheshire

    Welcome Dave and good luck for Feb.

    By the way you lot. What are brownie points?

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    welcome dave,im in staffordshire which end of cheshire are you?come on techman you must be a lucky man if you dont have to earn brownie points to get out

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    About as far north as you can get to being in Greater Manchester
    But she who must be obeyed is adament that we are a Cheshire
    postcoded area. But trying my best to move in with the mother in law she lives in Knighton near Ludlow now that is seriously good looking part of the country. Rural with great restaurants in Ludlow,great food wine and
    the fantastic wildlife and countryside.

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    Dave 67
    I'm only 15 mile from ludlow and about the same from knighton but south a bit in Herefordshire. Brilliant countryside and a few deer , stalking like rocking horse **** unless you have lived here for most of your life
    All the best

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