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Thread: Tikka T3 vs Browning Medallion

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    Tikka T3 vs Browning Medallion

    I'm sure its been done to death, but is appreciate some input on a rifle choice.

    I'm looking for a lefty .270 and have the choice of synthetic stocked t3 or a a-bolt medallion grade.

    Both good clean rifles. Any comment as to what would be the better choice? I'm swayed by the synthetic stock to be honest!


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    Just took the stock off a medallion, didn't like that the bottom metal is held in the middle with a wood screw.
    I would prefer the T3 because it has a single feed magazine and many aftermarket bit in case one wants
    something changed.
    T3 is becoming very popular world wide for a reason.

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    Tikka T3,Cracking value for the money & out of the box accuracy.
    Atb John.

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    T3 for me. Bought one late last year and can't fault it.

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    I would go for the Browning, not the Tikka, The Browning has a proper steel magazine, short throw 3 locking lug bolt, tang mounted safety all are plus points over the Tikka. There is nothing wrong with the Tikka I shot one for years but the Browning is just a bit more sophisticated while giving nothing away in quality IMO.

    Best thing is to go and handle both and see which one you like the best in the metal.

    How many of the guys that have posted buy the Tikka have actually stalked and shot deer in any number with both makes of rifles?



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