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Thread: Best .17HMR moderator

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    Best .17HMR moderator

    Hi all,

    Looking for recommendations for the best .17HMR mod just treated myself to a brand new Anschutz 1517 thumbhole stock (cracking deal). I thought it would be a shame to stick the S.A.K mod from my old .17 on it.

    Heard about the DM80 and wildcat but not sure which is best or if there are any better.

    Thanks in advance!!!!



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    there isnt much difference in it noise wise mate. both the mods above are better built then the sak. and being over barrel they make the rifle a little more compact.

    the dm80 are about the best for price and build. the wildcat is a little better built but it cost more. sound wise there the same

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    For 35.00 pound mate I wouldnt go past the SAK. Had one on my HMR and it worked a treat.

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    I agree iv got a SAK on my Sako quad cant go wrong at that price but obviously if money is no object then yeh go for 1 of the others for sure .


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    I had a SAK on my HMR but changed it for the DM80.
    The 80 is way quieter.

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    I'll agree with the dm80, I have one on my 17hmr, 22lr and my 6.5x55, for the cost you carnt go wrong,

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    sak for 17 & dm the rest

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    Had a SAK for 3 years, changed it for a predator .17 reflex.
    half as noisey!! has a proper .17 hole in it.

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    L.E.I 17 is the best I have found, and I have tried them all, at great expense
    I came to the conclusion there is little to choose between them all, if you are more than about 30 yards away.
    Down range they all sound the same, but the L.E.I is small, tiny actually and the quietest by a fraction.
    The thing is it costs 125, so same as the Wildcat Whisper, not sure about the latest DM80, it is 95 more than a Sac, and it is definitely not 95 quieter.
    It's up to you to decide if it is worth the extra cash for a better built and finished item, well that and the size.
    Mine looks great on my 1517.


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    Got a SAK on my Anschutz 1517.

    Looks fine 'n' dandy to me, doesn't wake up the parish when I pull the trigger, and didn't cost a week's wages!!
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