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Thread: Rut Started

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    Rut Started

    I watch the Roe close to my home on ground I have no stalking on, and had an early start for work this morning. On the way in one of the favourite fields close to my house had a Buck chasing hard on a Doe, I watched him for several minutes but didn't witness them mate before they disapeared, and I had to get on my way, he was very keen though, incidently I have not seen this buck for several months, he is a real good beast. I called a couple of mates to see if they have seen any activity and one had witnessed strong activity last night (Moffett area) and another in the last day or two in the Central belt. Looks to be early for my neck of the woods.

    May venture out tonight with the Buttalo.

    Anything happening elsewhere?


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    Still quite in the glasgow area but will have a look in the morning in ayrshire

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    Was out this evening saw a load of bucks one of which was chasing the tail. Was him and 2 does. All the others were pretty chilled rested up.

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    Roe rut

    The rut appears to be underway in Inverness-shire. I saw three bucks with does this week - all chasing hard and I saw one this morning that had just covered the doe.

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    Well i now need to change my mind we have one doe in season for certain and two others that were really interested in a very nice buck. A bit misty this morning so the pictures are not clear.


    Was think ing of sending this to the minister to show him that there are a few left

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    Went out last night to call, took the Mrs with me, just a 5 min walk from our cottage, called for about 10 mins when I spied a fox, so I left her and went to stalk into the fox. Did the job nailed him at last!! He's had a few lucky escapes. When I met up with the Mrs 15 min or so later she said she had sh.t herself as "something came crashing through the wood" after I went for the fox. Explained to her that it was likely a buck coming to the call and it wasn't the bogeyman. Gonna try to get out over the next few days. Last year I called my first on the 25th July, 2009 3rd Aug, 2008 8th Aug, so for sure early for our patch.


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    Looks like its started but I hope you are all wrong, in 40 odd years the earliest I have seen it start is the 20th July and usually about a week later than that,not seen any activity in my area yet, my clients don't come till the end of the month
    so if it really has started it will be about over by then,one thing is certain if its started early it will finish early an early start won't make it last any longer.

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    BT I have no idea how long it will last but in 2009 i shot a rutting buck on the 16th of july and that was the earliest i had ever seen it. That one doe in the video was doing all the teasing to toher does out of shot were also playing with the large buck. Two yearling bucks were well back from the scene and i can only assume they had been well chaised that night and day before.
    Two boys not allowed to play by the way did i say there were no deer to see haha

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    I was out with a friend from Finland yesterday morning we saw a couple of bucks chasing. One was split between two does running back and forth.
    I didn't get any reaction from the buck to the call so called the doe and he followed which was his downfall.
    Sorry no photos we were out the evening before and shot a Muntjac doe and then out foxing all night and then carried on stalking I feel very awake today at work

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    Again not clear but you can get the idea from his agression.

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