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Thread: reloading 243

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    reloading 243

    starting reloading and would like some tips please.h414 powder, winchester primers,going the 90 grain.what grams of powder to start with.the limit in the books is 45 grains.cant seem to get my lee powder to come out the same when wieighed on lee scales using the quick loader

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    Howdy mate H414 is a v good powder for .243,have a look on hodgdon reloading data,just google it, dont load 90 grns myself but I would imagine a starting point would be 42 grns and work up from there, not a big fan of powder throwers myself,I usually weigh each charge individualy,sure others will be able to offer advice on that one, good luck mate.

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    cheers hornet does steel city meen glasgow.just wot i was thinking 42 grams.what do you load yourself grns wise

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    The key to getting consistent powder charges from a measure (is that what you mean by a "quick loader"?) is consistency. Doing the same thing, the same way every time. Some powders don't meter as well as others because of their kernel shape/size. With these powders you have to throw a light charge and then trickle powder into the pan to bring it up to the desired weight. What powder measure are you using?
    You also need to get your head round the difference between grams and grains.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    My thoughts exactly Harry. If it weren't for the impossibility of fitting 45 grams of powder into a .243 case I'd be worried!

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    cheers harry mac,was maybe thinking of doing that,lighter loads and adding to it,therefore getting consistancy.its a lee thrower.would it be worthwhile to get the right cup,thenmeasure from there mate

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    HaHa steel city is Sheffield mate,I load 60gn hp for foxing and 80 and 100 for deer, see I told you the good advice would come pouring in dude


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    was contemplating the 80 or 85 gn,what loads do you use for them,considering im using h414.wot case length are you going out to mate

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    The only thing you should be contemplating is what propellant (not powder) to use with your 87g Hornady BTHP's.

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    With the Lee Perfect (cheap and cheerful) powder measure I use, the following method has proved to get the best consistency.
    Pull the lever up, listen for the powder "swishing" out of the hopper into the charge chamber. Once that's happened tap the pivot screw sharply 3 times with the end of your finger to settle the powder in the charge chamber. Place the powder pan under the nozzle and pull the lever down, keeping the powder pan in contact with the nozzle to stop powder granules bouncing all over the place. Once the powder's stopped moving take the pan out of contact with the nozzle and tap the pivot screw sharply 3 times again to dislodge any odd granules which may have stuck.
    I find that this reduces variation to the very minimum.
    I'm not sure what you mean by "the right cup".
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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