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Thread: Swarovski and Zeiss binoculars Valuation

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    Question Swarovski and Zeiss binoculars Valuation

    I posted this else where but havent really had any replies, so to speak. so i thought where better to ask than here.

    I have a couple of pairs of binoculars i thinking about selling/swapping. Times are getting harder.

    one pair is swarovski slc 8x30wb not the most expensive pair in the catalogue but still very good glasses. i know they are no longer made but all production come to and end i guess.

    what I'm asking is what sort of money would be about right.

    I have a pair of Zeiss 10x40b's as well but their are well battered about. showing their age a guess you might say but still a very good image with them. i might just keep these unless someone thinks they might be worth selling as i wouldn't let them go cheap. just for the sake of it if you know what i mean.

    so if i was to put them and the swaro's up for sale what sort of money we be fair. I dont like asking these sort of questions but i really dont know.

    thanks for any input you can offer gents.


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    Best way to guage what they may be worth is to look on e-bay and watch a similar pair to the end of the auction, or to take them into a camera/binocular shop that deals in used optics, see what they offer you as a buying price and then add 50-100 to what ever they quote you.
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