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Thread: hi from the depths of norfolk ...

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    hi from the depths of norfolk ...

    been a member on here for month or so , thought it time i made intro to u all, been stalking now for two years , some experience but by no means expert at all, looking to expand my knowledge with all your wisdom all the best

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    Hi Dazza,

    No one is an expert just differing degrees of experience in various fields, always something to learn! That's the fun of it.


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    Welcome aboard

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    Hello Dazza,

    and welcome to the site, now that you have made the effort don't be a stranger, ask what you want and we all may learn a bit.


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    Two Nofolk doy's on board then!!!!!!!!
    Good hunting

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    three I'm a dumpling too.

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    thanks all for the warm welcome, all the very best to u all 4 it

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