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Thread: deer/boar how much ?

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    deer/boar how much ?


    Was out last night on a friends permission waiting for boar. He is seriously thinking of starting guided stalking on fallow and wild boar. What do you guys think would be a fair price ?

    Atb Steve

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    Supply and demand..
    When it was in short supply and some lucky people had a lot of Boar and could,not gaurentee a boar, but have a very very good chance of success, the charges could reflect a nights work taking a client out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bordersman View Post
    What do you guys think would be a fair price ?
    If he is running it as a business then his expected profit and his costs should pretty much determine what he has to charge to make a living. Of course I understand that to some degree this is driven by supply and demand and he can't be charging a lot more than the competition but even so he needs to do the calculations before he starts. I would suggest that if the competition are doing it for a lot less than his calculations show might be vaible then he needs to look for another source of income.

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    You know my ground buddy, we charge 180 a day for cull stalking only on Fallow, however if you are talking bigger mature animals then the price will increase, at 180 we include any cull animals within the price, I think Hamptworth are now at about 100 per outing either am or pm.

    There is a chap offering Boar shooting from seats on gunsonpegs & I think he is about 200 a night & he is in west sussex.

    Regards Lee

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    Cheers lee . He was talking around 200 each shot. Seems a lot if nothing shows. What is a good success ratio for boar ?
    Atb Steve

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    The sucess ratio is good on a Boar Farm I understand, however in the wild in the UK I gurss it all comes down to the density of your ground mate.

    Regs Lee

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