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    Barrel Length

    I am a reloading newbie wishing to load 7x57 for a Ruger No.1 with a short Stutzen 19" barrel, initial loads were 140g Nosler SPBTs with Hodgdon H 4895 with 39g/38.7/38.5g the latter tightened up the groups to 11/2" from 4" question is regarding the barrel length, do short barrels do better on lighter loadings? The twist rate is 1 : 8.75". Right handed... Many Thanks, Anton

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    with a 19" barrel you want to be looking to use the fastest burning powder feasible for that cartridge, otherwise you are not burning all the powder in the barrel and may end up with a rather large muzzle flash! i would try between 40-43.5 grains of vhitavuori n530 worked a treat for me in an 18" barreled 308, just ran the details in quick load and should work well fr you application too

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    Many thanks Danpd for the info,she does fire up a bit especially noticable at pre-dusk! Cheers, Anton

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    Check out this link...may help?
    Tight ish twist rate will help heavier bullets & cases should be filled to fullest capacity using loading data.
    I've shot rifles with short barrels for 30 years and following the above should get you accuracy, velocity & energy.
    Blaser K95 Luxus Kipplaufbüchse .25-06Rem. Zeiss 8x56, 110gn Nosler Accubond = Game Over!

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    Hi Deeangio,many thanks excellent link!I will give it a go, Cheers, Anton

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