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Thread: First Combine

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    First Combine

    Saw the first combine harvester out harvesting today just off the A31 between Alresford and Alton today!

    Anyone else seen harvest starting?



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    They started in my part of Yorkshire on monday so it cant be that grim up here in the frozen north.

    Foxing on the stubbles tonight is in order

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    saw some havesting going on just east of the cheively junction of the m4 yesterday, dont know what they were harvesting tho.

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    They started up here about a week ago although not many fields clear yet !

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    they had started on barley on the east side of york last weekend.


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    Started up in the Inverness area....A few fields cleared.

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    Been dodging parceled up combine convoy's, on the back lanes from Cumbria to Cheshire this last week.
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    saw one working today on the A46 to tetbury harvesting barley .

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    a bloke by aylsbury has been drilling

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    +1 There was a field by the Webbington Hotel off the M5 which was cut last week and ploughed and looks sown already!!!

    Weds eve lots of barley being cut alongside the A303 at Wincanton. Looks like all the OSR has been sprayed off so late next week is when the fun will start.


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