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Thread: The wifes first deer

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    The wifes first deer

    well i tried my best to chain her to the sink but alas she said if you cant beat em join em
    took the wife for a shot tonight went at 9 and she was all done by 10 .saw a fair few rabbits and then at five to ten bingo munty doe stepped out onto the ride .she was rock steady took a breath and down went the doe .i was really chuffed she hadnt shot a 243 before only at targets ,i did the gralloch as it was nearly dark and then back home washed out and in the chiller .anyway i was more nervous than she was will post a piccy later bedtime

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    Congratulations to her its a great feeling getting your first deer an experiance we all never forget.

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    Bloomin heck ! how longs her chain

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    If my wife saw a post where she was referred to as "The Wife" I know the next target spicies

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    ....has Mrs Norma308 now chained YOU to the sink whilst she goes out stalking??

    (Well done to her, well done to you for taking her out)
    Nothing is worse than having an itch you can never scratch

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    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	8070 mrs norma and her munty ,she dont look too pleased as i told her it was 60 a stalk lol

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    See norma dont take this the wrong way but woman and stalking do not go hand in hand. I have tried to take the wife out but never seem to get to stalk any deer to busy watching the grass grow.
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    gotta say she was a model pupil as you can see bang on the money ,and i think i have a buyer for my 243 now method in the madness

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