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Thread: Cheap 'Doe box'??

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    Cheap 'Doe box'??

    These 4' x 3' garden sheds are now reduced to 60 quid at B & Q!
    Bit of cutting and reinforcement, and I reckon you've got a cheap little shooting hide?

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    good call when you consider the price of ply and timber

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    They are cheap just need guy ropes to hold them down take the odd board out

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    Wonder if they would sit on a highseat base safely? Anyone got one? How heavy are they?

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    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
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    They will not sit safely on the ground never mind up a platform. Once this job is finished I am trying a cheep design. It is experimental but will consist of 2x2 frames. building paper lining and frost protection mesh on the outer shell. Onduline roof sheet to finish. Including tower the materials are under 100,
    Tower, 3x3 posts x4 20, 5 lengths sarking 25, 6 lengths 2x2 20, onduline 10 Building paper 5 square metres. Frost proof roll 14 Some nails and coach screws. A bit of time and yuou have the ideal doebox easily carried over long distances. Also working on an timber leanto under 30 in you can scrounge an old scaffold larder. Jim

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    Jim the ladder thing has been done by me a long long time ago. Our jon sat in this one but not in the same place it was moved to a beter place.

    This one jsut needs a ladder.

    Ill bet you lot though all i could do was stalk deer lmfao

    Cost was 10
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    I have to admit that the seats our Davie makes are very comfortable, I was sat in this one with this in front of me for a few hours recently,

    Just don't ask what was behind me, or to the left, or the right........................

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    6P I see B&Q type labals on your timber can I suggest you find a farm supply co or a proper timber merchant often better quality timber and cheaper.Just trying to help

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