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Thread: Antler for sale in my vets!

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    Antler for sale in my vets!

    Whilst in the vets I noticed they were selling antler pieces as dog chews. 4.95 for a 5" piece! The nurse seemed shocked when I told her my dogs have them but normally the head is attached!

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    I know dogs like them because I left a stick in the back of the pick-up once, brand new and just got that season from a local that makes them. The dogs had it chewed down in about 30mins!!!

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    Seems to be the latest thing. A couple of weeks ago I saw antler dog chews for sale in a Leominster pet shop. I suspect Adamant has been clearing out his cupboards?

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    Doggy chews.....well he found this fallow antler and won't give it back.........

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Mine like the other bits...........

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    That looks like it's on your bed!!!???

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