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Thread: Just spotted

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    Just spotted

    a Land Rover in one of the banner adverts. So who drives one and which model?

    I have a 1998 Range Rover 4.6V8 Autobiography. slightly modified

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    I work on the bloody things all day and the missis drives a freelander. Me and a mate have a series 3 for a shooting wagon Ideal for bench resting foxes at night.

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    I have one but donít get me started on the subject. Suffice to say it replaced a very reliable diesel version but the current one a 2000 4.0V8 ES Discovery running on (OR RATHER NOT RUNNING) on LPG has had about 5,000 spent on it in the last 3 years and it still refuses to play ball.


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    They don't like gas. I have not seen a decent kit yet for one. If the manufactures dont fit them as a opption from new then it's for a reason. Seen a P38 blown up like a bomb, they cuold only tell from the pictures it was a range rover was by the one wheel left on it

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    Quote Originally Posted by remmy7
    I have one but don’t get me started on the subject. Suffice to say it replaced a very reliable diesel version but the current one a 2000 4.0V8 ES Discovery running on (OR RATHER NOT RUNNING) on LPG has had about 5,000 spent on it in the last 3 years and it still refuses to play ball.

    Could that not have been spent on petrol instead?
    Personally I find them very reliable. There is the odd problem now and then,
    but even me as a hobby mechanic can still fix my RR. You just have to get to
    know the vehicle and get your hands dirty, rather than handing it over to the
    stealer every time there is a niggle. I havn't had any other make of vehicle for
    the last 11 years.

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    243 Varmint

    I have to that whilst I have heard it said about the gas thing its not running on petrol either but it has proved to be every bit as reliable on the gas system (or should I say unreliable on either system) It has a Bigas multipoint injection system, and once recorded a refill to refill mileage on a stalking trip up north of 19.4 MPG on gas. As a local lpg installer once told me there is almost nothing that can go wrong with the gas installation as it really doesnt have many components. The problem I have is trying to get the B****y thing not to run too rich regardless of fuel used. All sensors feeding the engine management unit have been replaced many times over along with every other sensor from CSPS to knock sensors with no joy. It doesnt matter if I run it on petrol and leave the LPG switched off after sensor replacement, after a few hundred miles it begins to coke up again. I am at my witts end with the B thing but as I said "dont get me started"
    What I would say however is that whilst three garages have tried and failed I would welcome your experienced opinion or suggestions (save anything involving fire as the last one went that way but thats another story)

    Cheers Remmy7

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    There is no point putting petrol in a motor that doesnít move the money has mostly been for parts everything from steering boxes to suspension pumps and alternators. I do most of the work myself and can probably do it blindfolded by now(although my mate has the diagnostics software which is required after most jobs and the last engine rebuild was done by him) I know the disco inside and out as I have lived with them for years and could probably diagnose/fix problems better than some dealerships. As far as reliability is concerned at least a dozen of my stalking buddies have now turned their back on the Brand I however have persevered much to their disbelief. If I could just get it to stop running rich I would be a happy man ( I have even considered wiring in a device supplied by RPI engineering that can alter the ignition timing and change the injector settings but I havent heard any reports on it and I shouldnt have to)

    Cheers Remmy7

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    It might be an air flow meter problem if it is coking up it may not know how miuch air is going into the manifold so it can't adapt the fueling?
    Are the oxygen sensors working ok?
    will have a look for any bullitins at work tomorrow

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    I would appreciate that. I have replaced airflow meters (backfires have ruined four of them now) and lambda sensors have been replaced although the last diagnostics check showed the one on the left hand bank slightly out so they will both be replaced again soon. What I cannot understand is that if all the sensors are functioning correctly including TPS etc then why cant the ECU adjust the timming appropriately could it just be that the ECU settings themselves are out(although we have reprogrammed it on numerous occasions now). Anyway as I said I would appreciate any inside info you might get.

    cheers Remmy7

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    The backfiring might be down to the gas all the ones we have had in do it. Has the air box got a pop off valve in it this will stop it buggering up the air flow meters.
    Have you tried an ignition module?
    Is the fuel regulator ok if it's not there could be to much fuel pressure in the fuel rail.
    Have you tried disconnecting the gas completly ie all electrical and mechcanical parts.

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