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Thread: Sako L597 Forester 6-6.5x47 (6mm hot)

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    Sako L597 Forester 6-6.5x47 (6mm hot)

    Hi All
    I have for sale a sako L597 forester
    Now this supposed to be one of the best actions to build a semi custom rifle from.
    It has a loawther walther super match grade brand new barrel fitted.
    a joe russel laminated thumb hole stock (bedded)

    this rifle has a floor plate fitted.
    it has been dura coated by james clark
    And she is ready for some one to take her out and work a load up.
    the 6-6.5x47 (6mm hot) that this rifle was chambered in (the reamer i had made) has not prodused a bad rifle yet. all the rifles have shot very very tight groups and this round is deadly accurate. It is a 6mm BR on steriods and we all know how good that round is.
    I have shot this round myself and i still use the 6.5x47 now as i dont think there is a case out there that can match this accuracy out and out. this unbeliveable package for
    you could not build this rifle for that now

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    Wow sounds radicle, nothing like a 243 then ?

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    just a bit smaller round than a 243 but with about the same ballistics and very very accurate. i shot this round for a wile and it was boringly accurate.
    i now have the 6.5 x 47 same case just with a 6.5 bullet in the end. i have only one rifle now and that is what i use for everything. and again boringly accurate but this one is a full custom rifle.

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    this rifle is still for sale

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