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Thread: Independant Panel for Forestry. Defra

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    Independant Panel for Forestry. Defra

    As this is first post I will explain a little,my partner works within the forest industry and thought this might be of some importance.

    On this page is a "have your say", they are looking for repsonses regarding the use of forestry and woodland including FC land.
    I recall a thread on here regarding this issue.
    We have an opportunity to put pressure on those concerned that it should be a level playing field,either everbody pays or nobody pays.


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    I received a similar email just now:
    As you may be aware the panel appointed by DEFRA to consider forestry in England is currently assembling information to enable it to produce a report.

    As its remit is to look not just at the future of the Forestry Commission forests but at many aspects of forestry the panel's recommendations may have implications for non-state woodlands and their management.

    We would encourage all parties with an interest in this debate to ensure forestry and silvicultural issues are fully represented in the debate. REMEMBER THE DEADLINE FOR COMMENTS IS 31ST JULY 2011.

    Further information on the subject is available from various sources including:

    Defra : Independent Panel on Forestry - Advising government on forestry and woodland policy in England

    Confor : Consultations ConFor

    CLA : News Archive Business Association

    The Woodland Trust : Gateway to the public Call for Views from the Independent Panel on Forestry - the Woodland Trust

    Institute of Chartered Foresters : ICF News

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    This is a good opertunity for the large organisation to step in for there deer stalking members and make sure that land that is put aside for the sport is done so in a fair and transparant manner. Also that enough land is made available to supply the current demand. The use of englands forestry by Deer stalkers has many benifits to the forestry and the government and if a proper reply was writen by all the major interested party,s I am sure some one would listen. At this moment only 2-3 % of englands forestry is put out for tender to deer stalkers.

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