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Thread: BASC Training

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    BASC Training

    I have just been on guntrader and in the forum there is a dit about BASC selling us out with more training courses what do members here think I found it strange that No1 module is rifle and progress to lamping dangerous game then the last module is sporting air rifle should this not be no1?
    your thoughts

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    looks like to me that they need some funds for there christmas ball, rather whot whot!!!
    l got done by them because i never got my nscc changed over to a dmq one in time as i was over seas, l tried telling them this but the replie was, well if you have been away then you dont know the new regs ect....
    So a bloke sat on his arse doing no stalking in the mean time who happened to make the date for a dmq switch over gets it!!!
    No justice.

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    BASC are really getting up my nose at the moment. I'm fed up paying subs to clubs supposedly representing us yet never seem tired of dipping into my wallet.

    These new training courses are intended solely to inflate their bank balance and they'll gladly cozy up to any numpty organisation or govt office to make them compulsory for new FAC applications, etc.

    It's only a matter of time before the forestry commision, etc start asking for completion of these courses or others.

    No doubt some bright spark thought up these courses to eleviate the dropping subs collections due to the drove of people walking away to join Countrside Alliance, Scottish Gamekeepers, etc. It'll soon go the way of the NRA - elitist twats completely devoid of reality and disconnected with the practices and concerns of modern UK frearms users.

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    [My thoughts on BASC are they are only providing what their membership ask them for.Not everyone is lucky enough to know someone or somewhere to stalk or use a rifle and by doing one of these courses it does show a commitment to getting involved.For my part I have found them to be very helpfull,you can only speak as you find.[/b][/u]

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    I can see the sense to a certain extent in having DSC1, 2 I am not so sure about, its a bit of a farce really.

    It does appear to be a bit of a money making jolly all these exams and courses. Finally I would add that the people that run these courses; what gives them the authority to tell others who are possibly far more experienced and knowledgable how to operate and pass the course, who passed them I wonder ?

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    Exactly and if we have the DSC1 what more is needed?
    also if the modules have to be done in order who is going to do air rifle after dangerous game other than people with loads of spare cash who collect certificates!
    plod must be rubbing their hands at more hoops for us to jump through put in place by our own people!!

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    Found this link:

    This is quite unreal and very worrying if you ask me.

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    Level 2

    DMQ level 2 is a pile of pish.

    As the rules stand you can pay to go and shoot 3 deer and pass.

    These can be the only 3 deer you have ever shot in your life. How can that pass as competance and experience.


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    So does this mean they are going to scrap doing DMQ training??
    If not why have a deer stalking module if the standard is lower than
    DMQ1 will the FC accept this new module?, why is basic rifle and
    advanced rifle manditory how basic is basic "If on pulling the trigger you get a sharp pain in your shoulder try turning the rifle round"How advanced is advanced not looking to get into 1000yrd shooting with
    MOA/ windage calculations and home loading at the moment.
    This just puts more obsticals in the way of people like myself
    trying to start to go down the road of deer stalking, it will cost enough
    to pay to stalk get FAC buy rifle/scope ammo gunsafe And now they are coming up with a course that will cost 3x210 to get the minimum, if the
    FC/land owners start to demand.
    BASC will end up cutting their own throats in the search for the almighty $

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    Pick up the telephone and call them and you will find it is nothing to do with the Deer Department.

    BASC are merely responding to members requests for access to tuition and training with regard to Sporting Rifle shooting. Covers anything from nervous beginners to WAGS. Aim is to offer what is being asked for within a framework that should carry forward into future voluntary/compulsory requirements forced upon by "Regulatory Authorities".

    Those members that are wanting to spend money now on getting/improving skill sets, be they specific or general, currently have a miltitude of choices as to training etc. which may have no credit in the future.

    Like it or not BASC is viewed by Whitehall as the prime voice for shooting sports by virtue of size the same as NRA are for competition shooters.

    Advanced driver training isn't compulsory but many people want to do it. It is therefore offered.


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