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Thread: Employment advice (not stalking related)

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    Employment advice (not stalking related)

    Hi Guys,
    Not remotely stalking related but,
    Can anyone recomend a good soliciter with experience in dealing with Employment law, Specificaly compromised agreements? It seems i'm gonna need one!!!!!!!
    There are hundreds advertising on the web but i'd like one that someone had recomended.


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    Hi Ezzy,

    Where abouts are you located?

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    I could recommend across the North, but would probably need more details.

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    I'm in shropshire in the midlands.

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    joined unite the union ,have good legal reps ,11 a month

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    Sorry Ezzy,

    Don't personally know anyone in the midlands.

    PM sent

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    also agree with norma.... to an extent.... most union people I meet are good

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    check you don't have legal cover already covered in your house insurance....some policies include this.
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    I used unite solicitors for an employment matter but found they will only continue with a case that will have a definite hope of success.

    Dose not matter how much evidence you have and how wrong employer has been, if employers solicitors claim that the case is vexatious then unite tend to drop the case.


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    Not clued up on the law side of things.
    Have you try'ed these guys who offer no-win-no-fee situations ?
    Or your local citezens advice bureou ?
    Hope all works out mate.

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