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Thread: Looking for a "odd ball caliber"

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    Looking for a "odd ball caliber"

    Ok lads/ ladies.

    If you were to pick a more unusual deer calibre what would it be and why? please keep it under .30 cal as I don't think I would ever go bigger. This question is more designed for the bottom end of the deer spectrum too. I suppose I'm looking for ideas on the best deer legal tack driver.

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    For Muntjac and CWD in England and Roe in Scotland the 5.7mm Xpress would be an exotic worth looking at:

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    6.5x47 Lapua, I know its getting more common but it is truly a tackdriver, adequate power, dinky little case and will drop anything that walks these shores!!

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    Unfortunately seen as an "odd ball" although it is actually probably the best 6mm calibre...the 6mm Remington which is really an American 6x57.

    In terms of other "odd ball" calibres perhaps the ever useful 257 Roberts. Again another much underestimated calibre here in the UK.

    Both are capable of tack driver accuracy and BOTH are superior to their more common equivalents based on the 308 case of 243 Winchester and 260 Remington.

    I like these TRUE Mauser length cartridges a lot as they allow the bullet to be seated well out of the case and, with their long necks, not intruding into the powder space of the main body of the case but still gripping it well.

    Other contenders might be the 280 Remington or even the 7x57 Mauser in its "Rigby" loading of a 140 grain bullet weight.

    But for all around bottom spectrum in an "odd ball" (but not obscure) I would really consider the 257 Roberts...there isn't much about it NOT to like!

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    Hmmm the question was calibre so I'll vote .256"

    As for cartridge I'll plum for the .256 Mannlicher in either it's rimmed or rimless form.. Am not bothered which. Also known as the 6.5x54MS in Rimless and 6.5x53R in rimmed.

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    I have chosen just such a calibre- a .25 wildcat I've called the .25 Johnson, which is basically a necked-up .243AI.
    It pushes 75 grain bullets at 3600 fps. That's 25-06 velocities, with 12 grains less powder.
    I have 87 grain bullets in the 3200-3300 fps range. I'm very impressed with it so far and am looking forward to developing loads for heavier bullets. I've shot a couple of deer and foxes with fireforming loads and am really pleased with the results.

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    Speak to Sheptons of Rufford nr Ormskirk Lancs he does odd ball cals he is on gun trader
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    .270 Titus - either a .300 Savage necked down or a .250 Savage necked up to .270- for the distinguished gentleman who desires something more arcane than the 7mm-08.

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    my choice would be 257 roberts built in a short action and stick to 100 grainers. For smaller deer a 250 savage would do too.

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