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    Paramo clothing

    Has any one used paramo jackets/ trousers for stalking? If you have how did they compare to a membrane jacket like Gortex?

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    I wear their trail shirts, fab gear and I would recommend them.

    I have also tried their trousers - they are OK but didn't last long for me I'm afraid, maybe a few weeks at most before I killed them. They also will not keep the water out if you kneel, crawl or sit on them and so I don't think I could recommend them for stalking. On the plus side the side vents were good as you could open them when walking for ventilation.

    My girlfriend has one of their jackets - she wears it mostly for light "in town" and general use and I don't think she is of the view that it is up to working at sheep or the other stuff that she wears other jackets for. It needs to be reproofed fairly often or it leaks even with light use.

    All told I would say they make reasonable gear but my experience is that, apart from the trail shirts which I wear almost daily and which last for years of relatively hard use, the gear is only up to relatively light use.

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    I wandered if the water ingress would be a problem many thanks. It saves me wasting any money on it.

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    My wife as a jacket and trousers. Totally waterproof and so very light.

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    i have halcon jacket and paramo trousers.i am a stalker on the west of scotland and have given them a good testing.They are not waterproof as soon as pressure is applied water comes through. ok for a quick walk with the dog thats about it.

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