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Thread: Disposal of gralloch

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    Disposal of gralloch


    I'm looking for some help, and advice on this problem.

    We have been asked by our landlord to no longer gralloch any deer in situ on the estate but to do it either in the larder and to remove it off site ASAP or if at all possible to do it off the estate entirely.
    He is quoting the new rules regarding farm waste and the disposal of animal matter etc.
    I think it all stems back from an incident earlier in the season where his wife's collie found some gralloch from a recently shot young roe buck, rolled in it, ate it and then was sick in the back of her Range Rover.
    I have been told that deer guts and trimmings are now considered as commercial waste with all of the applicable rules that apply to commercial; waste disposal. Is that the case? We don't shoot that many deer 25 a year may be 2 or 3 more max but what can we do.

    How do any of you get around this problem?

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    That's a new one on me.

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    l have a similar situation on some of my ground, what l do (with the agreement of my landlord) is l carry a small foldable spade and bury it or if l am close enough to the motor bag it up and incinerate it at home, don't stick it in the bin its not allowed

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    Precisely. At present we are effectively banned from stalking as our landlord is insistent upon his demand that nothing is done in situ.
    So I would like to try and find a practical solution now when we have time on our hands in order to be absolutely ready for the off once the F&M restrictions are lifted and hostilities or should I say stalking can commence.


    I have been informed that any animal waste product. By which I think they mean Gralloch that is disposed of by burial needs to be a minimum of 1m below the surface. Thats one deep hole to dig with a folding spade. Incineration might be a possible solution. Do they make small free standing ones which I suppose would need to run on Propane.

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    You are correct they do have to be 1 m deep that is why were possible l remove them and incinerate them as it is mainly roe and munties l am dealing with and access to the ground is quite good so unless it is a problem to get to removal is the preferred option.

    As for small free standing incinerators they possibly do exist but unless you can come to an arrangement with the landlord to keep and use it on site so to speak is that an option.

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    It is under dicussion by the EU at present to ban the burying of the gralloch anywhere,"Animal Waste Products" legislation.Watch this space. As our AUTHORITIES implement all EU directives without proper consultation,don't hold your breath.
    Being of a bloody minded disposition have happy thoughts of an Environmental Officer climbing a Scottish Mountain to retrieve same and then identifying the carcase from which it came.Line of evidence.Interesting!!!


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    these are crazy days

    This is mad isn't it! a gralloch is (in my experience) only there until the next day when it has been snaffled up by all sorts of wildlife and in the summer if the fox doesn't find it it is gone quickly with maggots.


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    I have an arrangement with a butcher/game dealer friend to dispose of any deer waste in his butchery waste bins. I give him the occasional deer and thats it. All legal!
    You might want to try that? Although I think you'd would get some funny looks in Tesco's!

    SWB 68 is that a Land Rover reference?

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    Cant see this being easily policed in the Scottish highlands, the gralloch is eaten by Ravens, Buzzards and Eagles etc, and is generally gone by the end of the day, or at least by the end of the following day. And its a great deal of extra weight to carry off the hill!! Can you imagine what it will be like if you have culled 3 or 4 hinds in a day which is not uncommon?

    I can understand it being slightly sensative down south in a populated area with walkers and general public etc, maybe coming across the entrails and in this instance it would be sensible to bury it, but as Swampy so rightly said, this is madness.

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