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Thread: how to remove dust ???

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    how to remove dust ???

    hi peeps

    i have a owl that has been uncased for years and its full of dust

    whats the best way to de-dust / clean it without damaging it at all???

    sauer /paul

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    Try a hair dryer on low power and set on cool.

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    cheers Apache

    didnt think of that....ill give it a go

    sauer /paul

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    I use a soft paint brush, around 1.5 inches wide. I keep a new one just for dusting off old mounts. Brush the bird lightly keeping the brush strokes moving from head to tail. You shouldnt damage the plumage , and you will find that a lot of the dust should come away


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    I also use a soft paint brush on my taxidermy

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    I use a feather duster for all my taxidermy items !

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