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Thread: Variation

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    Got my variation for .243 going in next week, with out kicking the arse out of it what would be reasonable to put down for possession and purchase ??

    Many thanks

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    purchase 100 possess 300 should be no problem, thats what i have.

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    If you are going to re-load in the future you need 300 to purchase and 500 to have in stock respectively.
    I have that on all of my centre-fire rifles.

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    i would go for buy 200 keep 300. simple reason most bullets are sold in boxes of 100. if for instant you use two loads one for fox 70 grain and one for deer 100 grain. you wouldn't be able to buy both boxes when in the shop due to your buy limit. always handy to be able to buy a couple of boxes even if your are using one bullet for both jobs. less trips back to the shop

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    All depends on the FLO, and how long you have had an FAC. Don't know what difference that makes though .

    My first FLO would only give me "hold 60","buy 40".

    I'm now in my 3rd Force area and have "hold 400","buy 300".

    Go for something like what has already been said, "hold 300","buy 200". A 100 round buffer is not excesssive,

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Cheers guys, hoping to go down the reloading road eventually, so well see how it goes.

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    Depends how often you are going to shoot it, why have buy 300 when you only shoot 100 a year, if planning to home load, don,t forget to ask for expanding heads.

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    'How longs a piece of string' ..... very much depends on how active a shot you are ?

    Important thing to keep in mind is that the firearms license dept will want to see you purchase / repurchase ammo at least a couple of times during the 5 years validity of your FAC. As such, dont go too high with purchase or holding capacity.

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    500 to purchase
    550 to hold
    Warwickshire are normally ok with that

    that way you can bulk purchase to maintain same brand and batch consistency ( cost does not come into it as a reason ))
    also it is exceptable for homeloaders to hold that amount and more
    the other thing that may also factor would be if you wanted to use several different bullet head weights
    as Jay22 has suggested
    such as 70g ballistic tips for foxes , 100g's for deer and possibly a lead free,
    so you may wish to purchase several hundred in each weight to keep the same batch no's as they normaly come in boxes of a hundred

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    Correct !
    That is why I have 300 and 500 on MY ticket.


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