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Thread: Yesterday morning

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    Yesterday morning

    Glen Cadwallader and I went up to one of my permissions for a mornings sport. I took my quad up the open hill bit to provide the midges with sport, and the intrepid Glen set off on foot. I won't spoil it for him best let him tell the story, I'll show the videos.

    These photo's are where I was at one end of the ground,

    These two wee vids show Glen emerging from the wood!

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Well done glen got the cull underway then i see

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    I'm glad you have learned how to focus this one John, looking at an out of focus fireplace was not that entertaining last year
    Looks a nice piece of ground , maybe you will let the motley crew have a look next year ?
    Well done Glen, it's a bugger dragging on your own, still at least the antlers kept your hands warm

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    A cracking morning, I am still reeling over my misfortune with the wee roe buck.. never mind If you don't pick him up tonight, he won't see the week out!

    6pointer, yes indeed, it is a cracking piece of ground (large) a lot of deer traffic, a lot of stalking and some good vantage points for dusk and dawn, I would think 40 deer by the end of spring will be probable.

    Robin, I dragged it three quarters of a mile through deep burns, windblow and deep bracken, absolutley no chance of getting a quad up in that section (50yr old timber) due to lack of rides and windblow.

    I've got a few aches and pains today I can tell you!

    Do you chaps not just loves JAYB's encouragement on the vids, Priceless.. An absolute gent of a bloke though and I look forward to a few stakeouts in the coming months John.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Some heavy Roe & Sika Traffic between the Blocks

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    I'm up there with Tartinjock tonight, TJ dragged a Red stag out of there last week so he will be used to it, but I will offer "encouragement" if needed .

    Now get yourself sorted Glen there is a lot to do up there!

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Looks like you had a great stalk. Glen, is that the new equipment being put to good use?
    ATB Toby

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    My buddies over here say we want a 'DCI'(deer scene investigation). How far, what gun and load, bullet performance and animal weight. If it's not too much trouble, thanks, capt david

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    Toby, yes indeed, a very good stalk through woodland, very challenging as it is very noisy underfoot! All equipment performing well though!

    Captdavid, you will see the Staggie in my album, it was head shot, 110metres, sako 85 .270 using swarovski 3-12x50 scope. Norma 130gr soft nose ammunition. A very tried and tested round here in Scotland.

    The beast was 46kg once at the game dealer.

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    Common Glen less of the dramatics mate thats only a baby god help you when you get a big lad. We have roe deer that size down here See you in a few weeks

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