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Thread: That was quick..

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    That was quick..

    Hiya, I was asked along to a farm just a mile up the road from me to join on a driven fox shoot....the farmer has lost a good few chickens to a family of, myself and a few other guns met at 9am this morning, all in place at 9.15am, and the hounds sent into the wood at the same 9.45 , we had 4 fox's..., Thing is too, they were all males...and all about the same, probs the same litter....there are still a few left to be dealt with, but that will be done another day..
    Back in the house for 10.15am, and eating brekkie...

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    By the looks of things you had a good morning then. Well done Norrie, you'll be in the Farmers good books then.

    Atb, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    Nice Mornings work Norrie.
    Atb John

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    just the ticket ,plan to do the same with our new huntsman soon as the crops are off .well done

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    Well Done now get your head down the flack will be on its way before the day outunsporting etc;etc

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    Hiya Roedeered...LOL, Hunting foxes with packs of hounds is still legal in Scotland, as long as it's on foot., we only had 4 Beagles and a couple of Terriers, ...but it wasnt a big drive...we normally use up to 6 hounds, and can cover many miles in a day....we can also do up to 4-5 drives on a normal day out...
    The farmer thanked us all personally., he's lost a load of Chickens and Ducks to this family of foxes......they were shot no more than a 100yds from the farmhouse where the birds are kept.. We are back for the rest fairly soon.

    Thanks for the kind words guys...makes it all worth while..

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    Thats a fart start to the day!! well done and keep it up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by roedeerred View Post
    Well Done now get your head down the flack will be on its way before the day outunsporting etc;etc

    Nothing unsporting there me thinks. Job done effectively, cleanly and professionally I would say.

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    Hiya, Just a wee appendix to the post...On Sunday (yesterday) I went to one of my permissions fairly early, and caught a fox with it's head down a rabbit hole...its a non fox, a great weekend...

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    Just had a phone call from one of the guys on the shoot on Saturday, a couple of them decided it was too early to go home, so moved on to the farm bordering the first one,,..they had a big dog fox with the hounds, chased it out a small stand of trees...and bang... Anyway, they went home after that, and my mate then got a call from the second farmer later in the day...., 40 mins after they left, there was a commotion in the chicken coop, he ran out to see the Vixen running off with a hen in its mouth!!!!!
    Couldnt make it up...but hopefully, theres only the vixen left..

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