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Thread: Hornady 6.5*55 140 Gr?

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    Hornady 6.5*55 140 Gr?

    Hello Folks,

    Anyone here had any experience with the above ammo? I will be using it through my blaser R93. I can't seem to find any reviews on the net. Any info or advice would be appreciated.



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    A mate of mine uses them in his Tikka to good effect, But i tried them in my .260 and found the recoil not to my likeing.

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    I used it in my sauer 202 for a season, found it a very good round, moved on to Norma 120 grain ballistic tip, by far the best factory ammo i have used in the 6.5.

    With the hornady there was very little meat damage, with the norma there was a bit more meat damage but put the animals down a lot better, all my stalking is for sika.


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    I have used the Hornady Spire point 140 grains in my HB Tikka 6.5X55 for targets and crow shooting.
    They produce a group better than half-an-inch at 100yds.
    My load is 46gr of Viht.N160 ignited by a Federal 210GM primer. In my rifle there is no sign of excess pressure but as with all loads of someone else it is prudent to start lower and work up.


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    Just got my notes out and 140s i use on roe and red no probs
    hornady SST with RL19 45grns
    hornady interlock with H380 41.5grn
    in T3 lightweight with mod

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