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Thread: .308 rifle/set up

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    .308 rifle/set up

    Not that I'm fussy but:

    Barrel: 20" or under, S/C
    Stock: synthetic or laminate
    prefer magazine over floor plate - but flexible e/w
    flexible on make/model.

    Ideally fired under 1000 rnds factory or 500 h/l.

    Will take mounts/mod/scope at the same time should anyone have anything.

    Pref in North of England or Scottish Borders.

    sorry - meant to post this in firearms ..... got confused

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    Why don't you look at the 7.62 Tikka M55 on sale in this section? Lots of rifle for the money and a very sound action that will always be valued by people who want to build a custom rifle - even if it's a bit long in the barrel it's cheap enough to get it shortened to your ideal length and re-screw cut.


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    I would; my question would be do I need a variation if it's registered as 7.62.
    I understand the exterior dimensions are the same, however, are the calibers (.308 and 7.62) considered interchangable in the wonderfull world of the FEO?

    I would rather avoid the variation as the FEO in my area is on long term sick and the department is rammed out with work mainly renewals.

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    OSS you shouldn't need a variation for 7.62x51 - it is the same as 308 in the real world. Try giving your local plod firearms dept a phonecall and ask them. Or even better go & visit them and explain why. Face to face you may get what you want - i.e. their agreement. If the rifle is what you want - go for it and push for what is right!

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    my blaser is still for sale in classifieds i have a short .308 barrel for it its had about 200 250 rounds

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    Quote Originally Posted by boar & deer View Post
    my blaser is still for sale in classifieds i have a short .308 barrel for it its had about 200 250 rounds
    thanks, and sorry, but I suspect your blaser is out of my price range; also not really my bag. nice and all, clever designs but at that kind of price I'd look more at a custom sako,or an RPA woodland.

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    i have a Tikka t3 with less than 20rounds fired from new wood stock with shmitt and bender scope tikka mounts , why only 20rounds quiet simple i broke my back 6 weeks after buying it with lots more damage to me that is well ask if your interested

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    i have a sauer 202 synthetic with a fluted barrel
    comes with a set of appel swing off mounts
    harris bipod,a stock mono pod and a cleaning rod
    oh and its threaded 1/2 unf

    this has shot 120 bullets

    price is 1900 del to your rfd is 25

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