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    pecar scope

    hi all i have suplus a pecar 4x81light scope im thinking of parting with it has a set of parker hale mounts RBHS4 and a three post moveing ret don,t know much about them it,s in great condition and opticly superb how much should i be asking for such an item any advice please.

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    Here's one on Fleabay, should give you a rough Idea, although it all down to the man with the cash & how much he wants to

    pay on the Day!!

    Atb, Buck.
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    I would think you'd get about 150-200 for it on Evilbay.

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    Take the rings off and sell them separately is my advice. Those 26mm Highs go for 50+ on e-bay but be prepared to post over seas with them. Those rings were used on the Enforcers.

    The scope will depend upon market I have seen them sell for just about 100 and sometimes a lot more. Of course condition is THE key.

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