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Thread: heavy barrel vs light barrel

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    heavy barrel vs light barrel

    think off my 243 and what should i go for heavy barrel are light barrel most off my shooting will be off top off truck for old mr fox or laying on the ground waiting for mr fox
    but all so will be doing a bit stalking (culling red deer) mainly out off high seats what would you guys and galls surgest ???

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    Well speaking as a highly inexperienced person my take on it is like this. You will be able to take about 3 shots with a light barrel and then it will need to cool down. I believe you can take about 10 with a heavy barrel rifle. There is probably more to it than that but that is the basics as I know it. If you want to punch paper then maybe go for a heavy barrel. If you want to shoot things then a light barrel would be my preference because the one time you do have to walk you will appreciate having a lighter barrel to lug about. But that is only my limited opinion.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Heavy barrels are heavy to carry, stating the obvious, and if you are doing lots of stalking/walking then the extra weight is a PITA. If you're not going to carry the gun far, then the extra weight can help to steady the shot, and the extra weight in the gun also helps to reduce felt recoil.

    It all comes down to personal preference, and what works for you. I don't think the extra weight makes that much difference, but some people swear by the heavy barrel.

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    why not go for a medium weight barrel , best of both worlds...neil

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    I agree with matt. My preferences are medium weight around 9lbs gun/scope and heavy 11-12lbs. anything 8lbs or under just doesn't feel right. It's all personel preference. capt david

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    i prefer a heavey barrel especially if your going to be using it off the top of a truck i always liked the heavy barrel for the extra stability

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    I shot a Sako Finnlight 30-06 for Hill and woodland, but the gun i use most is a Sako 75 varmint heavy barrel in 22-250. The pros and cons to be honest are the 22-250 is heavy but very accurate and the 30-06 is light but very accurate, I would therefore suggest buy a decent quality rifle and you will not be dissapointed in its ability.

    My latest rifle is a re-barreled Sako 591 in 260 cal fitted with a Laminate thumbhole stock and its about right in the middle of the other two in terms of weight so maybe it will become the rifle of choice ??


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    If you are a poor shot then go for a heavy barrel, if you are a good shot then go for a light barrel.

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    Well I'm all for a light Barrel, don't fancy lugg'n a heavyweight.

    But as you said bennunn, it all depends on what type of shooting your do'n.

    Then again you might be a Bruiser, in which case you won't mind carry'n the exta weight around!!!

    Atb, Buck.
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    For me a heavy barrel providing weight of combo can be kept to 12 lbs ish

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