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Thread: What Camcorder

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    What Camcorder

    I would like any advice on what is a good cheap camcorder for getting footage of deer foxes etc. The last few nights I have been out with a rubbish cheap camera and all the effort in trying to get good footage is wasted on very poor quality pictures and video.
    Help please

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    try the HD Panasonics you really need one with image optical stabilising

    i dint know what sort of budget you have but i used mine on an african dove shoot this year and managed a decent bit of footage. i have some videos i shot using it on my youtube channel.

    the removable SD is a real help and a grip arm for the rest on a high seat is also a big help.

    it is great fun taking film but difficult when deer walk out and you havent got enough hands free!!!


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    How do I find your utube channel?

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    Sorry forgot to ask what sort of money are you talking for one.
    Thanks for your reply.

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    These were taken with a Panasonic SDR-S26 it has 70x zoom and it has OIS which is a stabilization item..........

    My You tube page


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    Well I'm going to recommend Sony camcorders
    I have an HD one and I still have it in miniDv formatt
    That way I can still keep the tape as back up after I've downloaded to a pc

    I'm no expert but I will advise you to go for the highest "optical" zoom you can get as opposed to "digital" zoom

    I've seen cameras offer silly magnifications in digital zoom and in a word they have been pish!!
    I'm not saying they aren't out there but in my limited experience
    Optical zoom wins

    Sauer / Paul

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    I worked in the electronics industry for 11 years and was involved in testing microchips for most major companies.

    BUY SONY!!!!!!!!!!

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    digital zoom isn't realy zoom its just blowing up the picture, once on your computer everyone has digital zoom,

    Panasonic gets my vote

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    Many camera Mfg's use Sony chip sets in their kit,you dont always need the Sony brand to get a similar image quality.

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    Thank you all for your replies and hopefully at some point I should have some good footage to show.
    Thanks again.

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